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Kolhapur Mahalaxmi Temple

Kolhapur city situated in the south-west corner of Maharashtra, India. Kolhapur, or as it seems to have been formerly called Karvir, is probably one of the oldest religious and trade centres in western India. In the Karavir or Kolhapur Mahatmya or account of the greatness of Kolhapur, Kolhapur is mentioned as the Kasi or Benares of the South


Panhala is a city and a Hill station Municipal Council 18 km northwest of Kolhapur, in Kolhapur district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Panhala is the smallest city in Maharashtra and being a Municipal Council the city is developing rapidly. The city sprawls in the Panhala fort commands a panoramic view of the valley below. The main historical attraction here is the Panhala fort. There are many places of interest, each with its share of haunting anecdotes


The ancient Kopeshwar temple at Khidrapur in Kolhapur District is dedicated to Lord Shiva and sits on the bank of River Krishna. There are reasons to believe that even though the construction of Kopeshwar temple started sometime in 7th century AD, the work remained incomplete largely due to constant skirmishes between warring rulers of the region. The renovation was completed only in the 12th Century by the Shilahara and the Yadava Kings.

Chandoli National Park

Chandoli National Park is natural World Heritage Site and 317.67 kmĀ² National Park spread overSatara, Kolhapur and Sangli District, Maharashtra State, India, established in May 2004. Earlier it was a Wildlife Sanctuary declared in 1985. Chandoli Park is notable as the southern portion of the Sahyadri Tiger Reserve, with Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary forming the northern part of the reserve

Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary

Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary and natural World Heritage Site of category ix and x since 2012, located in Kolhapur, Maharashtra state India. It lies at the southern end of the Sahyadri hills in the Western Ghats. It is notable as the first declared wildlife sanctuary in Maharashtra, notified in 1958, as Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary and is popularly known as the "Bison Sanctuary". Indian bison or gaur with a population around 1091 in 2014, is the flagship species of the area.


Dajipur is a small village about 490 km from Mumbai on the road connecting the NH 17 and Kolhapur about 40 km from Radhanagari. It is best known for the Bison wildlife sanctuary and the Gagangiri Maharaj in Gaganbawda.


Narasimhawadi commonly known as Narsobawadi or Narsobachi Wadi is a small town in Shirol Tahasil in Kolhapur district, Maharashtra. Narsobawadi gets its name from the presence of 'Shri Narasimha Saraswati', the Purna Avatar of Lord Dattatreya. With a lot of archaeological value this became a major pilgrim spot for many Shri Dattatrey devotee.


Sangli, is a City and the district headquarters of Sangli District in the state of Maharashtra, in western India. It is known as the Turmeric City of Maharashtra due to its production and trade of the spice. Sangli is situated on the banks of river Krishna and houses many sugar factories.

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