Guidelines for Abstracts Submission

  • ◆   Abstract and full paper / E-poster submission will be entirely by E-mail
  • ◆   Last date for submission: 31st August, 2019

Abstract Submission on email only to - "freepapersmoacon2019@gmail.com"

Abstract submitted on any other email id will considered invalid.


  • ◆   Each paper will be of 8 minutes duration followed by 2 minutes for discussion.
  • ◆   Only LCD projection is allowed.
  • ◆   Presentation for LCD projection must be in MS PowerPoint format on CD or pen drives, external hard disks, or other compatible memory storage devices.
  • ◆   Use of personal laptops or memory devices at the podium will strictly not be permitted.
  • ◆   The presentation in the correct format must be handed over and preloaded at the conference venue on or before 1st Nov, 2019.
  • ◆   Failure to submit the presentation may invite cancellation of the same to ensure efficient time management and smooth running of the entire conference program of 3 days.


  • ◆   Delegates can present their work in the form of an E-poster.
  • ◆   The posters will be displayed daily at the conference venue.
  • ◆   Maximum of 10 slides in Microsoft PowerPoint format.


  • ◆   Abstracts need to be submitted only by email on freepapersmoacon2019@gmail.com
  • ◆   Indicate which category the paper is to be included in. The various categories are Trauma,Infection,Oncology,Arthroplasty,Arthroscopy,Spine,Hand, Foot & Ankle, Metabolic Diseases, Basic Sciences, Miscellaneous.
  • ◆   Only registered delegates will be allowed to make presentations at the conference.
  • ◆   The author must register as a delegate and registration fee must accompany the abstract and full paper. Otherwise it is liable for disqualification.
  • ◆   A delegate can submit only one abstract and full paper.
  • ◆   Revealing the author's identity or institutions anywhere in the text will automatically disqualify the paper.
  • ◆   Each presenter will be allowed to make only one presentation at the conference.
  • ◆   Once a paper is accepted, additional authors cannot be added.
  • ◆   The PowerPoint presentations should be in windows 10 and with recent update.
  • ◆   Video format must be in ‘windows media player’. This is to avoid software related non-functioning of the videos during presentations.
  • ◆   Delegate / presenter has to mention for which category the paper is sent like free paper/ Best paper.
  • ◆   For any information contact scientific chairman / not organising secretary at freepapersmoacon2019@gmail.com

The abstract should be submitted as two separate attachments in Microsoft Word format –

It should be structured as Introduction, Materials & methods, Results and Conclusions.
Please do not mention authors / affiliation etc. anywhere directly or indirectly in the text in the second attachment. This will automatically disqualify the paper even before submission to the panel of judges.

  • ◆   The papers will be reviewed in a blinded and coded fashion by a panel of experts, and the organizing committee will intimate the delegate about the selection by October 15, 2019.
  • ◆   Full paper in plain text format should be submitted on or before October 20, 2019.
  • ◆   The Masterchart of the cases in the paper should be ready for submission at the request of the Scientific Committee. Failure to produce the same would invite disqualification
  • ◆   Certificate of presentation will be issued only to the presenting author.
  • ◆   The Organising Committee / Scientific Committee reserves the right to withdraw the paper at any time.

For any further queries or clarifications, please contact the organizing secretary on freepapersmoacon2019@gmail.com

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